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By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
Date: 2017-04-06 18:20 More videos "Science miracles essay checker for free"

If you wont believe in my dragon in the basement
Or tooth faries that fix your teeth
Why should i believe in you sky god in the clouds

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A number of stories are based on diaries kept by mariners and include much too much of: Clocks were set ahead again last night. Nothing very exciting happened today. Just took a shower. Instead of a good, tight, story, 9 or 5 pages long, the reader has to plow through 66 pages of the above.


What I meant by "not all Atheist believe all Christians are brainwashed" I meant "Some Atheist beleive some Christians are not brainwashed". Here the brainwashed term is really only describing the blind faith of Christians (no doubt or questioning in the face of fact-less claims) and what I said before about guilt and fear.

Top 10 Most Famous Scientific Theories (That Turned out to

I do not agree that religion should be outlawed. Sorry, but if we want to be a free nation, then we have to allow religion to exist. ONLY by proving that no gods exist can we ever hope to be free of religion, and I am totally for that part. Let's prove it. Then we can tell them to shut up.

Whether God exists, or whether Jesus was God incarnate, -- that is something only you can decide. "Proof" as in empirical evidence is not possible.

I saw this documentary a few years ago when the DVD first came out. The child abuse, esp. emotional abuse, shown here is simply appalling. I marveled at the filmmakers, who apparently just stood by and said nothing while getting all of this down. That it won accolades from the film industry confuses me even further (though I could somewhat understand the latter).

Speaking of not knowing, I'll even go so far as to posit that you are ignorant of the very Bible that you preach and quote from.

And once religion found out that they can use what science has to offer to spread their erroneous beliefs to the masses, they basically stopped burning people at the stake.

Comment to the last paragraph: it s not nuclear reaction it s nuclear fission. Wiki the difference.

The first sentence is unquestionable historic fact. The last sentence is a delusional lie but is impossible to prove to be false. The â??truthâ?? of all â??holy booksâ?? is based upon this same technique.

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