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An Overview On Top PHP Frameworks Of 2016

Posted on the 28 January 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

In this day and age, the lion's share of PHP programmers' prefers using the latest PHP framework because its modern tools cater an excellent way to boost the programming efficiency. And, Frameworks are a set of tools, code classes, and libraries that enable PHP web developers in building enormous and complex applications in the least possible time. These days, a lot of PHP frameworks are available on the internet; you must choose the one based on your project requirement or expertise.

You would not disagree with the fact that PHP is the most flexible and dynamic web development platform which houses all business expansions efficiently. Also, various other benefits these frameworks provide includes rapid application development, lightweight application development, code compatibility, collaboration, standardized application architecture, easy debugging, simple code modification, community support and saves time. Although, if you are not a developer or lack the skill to develop a web application, you can always hire PHP developers from India. The reason to ask you to hire resource from India is because a large community of PHP frameworks and cost-effective service providers are available there.

Laravel is an eminent PHP framework which is very secure, highly functional and has a lot of useful libraries like a session, middleware, REST API, authentication and more. Nowadays, PHP developers wish to work on the Laravel framework because it's large and its community is gradually expanding. There isn't any need to write more code as necessary code-blocks are built-in, which will eventually help them create the product faster.

An Overview On Top PHP Frameworks Of 2016
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CodeIgniter is also one of the most popular PHP frameworks with very small footprint and powerful features. It is profuse of tutorials and concise documentation related to CodeIgniter. Although it supports MVC, it does not compel you to use it, instead provides you the option to use core PHP. Furthermore, you don't have to do a lot of configuration for your project as CodeIgniter comes with a full configuration enough to initiate your project. All you have to do is just configure your database and some config variables and start your project. If you lack the knowledge of CodeIgniter development and find it difficult to carry out your project seamlessly, then hire PHP developers from India.

An Overview On Top PHP Frameworks Of 2016

We all know that CakePHP is constantly evolving and has launched its 3.1 version recently. CakePHP is an open source framework under the MIT license, which is why it is available to download and use for free. You will find it extremely helpful in building more functionality using less code, thus very apt for rapid application development. Security built-in features which CakePHP comes with are Form tampering protection, input validation, SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, and XSS prevention that will always support you in keeping your application safe & secure from vulnerabilities.

An Overview On Top PHP Frameworks Of 2016

Another robust PHP framework with a suite of important class and libraries is Zend. You are free to use any of them in place of using a comprehensive framework. Also, Zend has high-end securities and great libraries which you can extend with the Zend class without any constraint. Even it has a vast community that is growing rapidly, especially in India and for any customization, you are advised to hire PHP developers from India to get perfect end results at the first go.

An Overview On Top PHP Frameworks Of 2016
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PHP web development services unquestionably have introduced the simplest means of building attractive and user-friendly sites. It also helps in creating SEO friendly sites, keeping a track of the target visitor's activities and secure content management system. Hence, if you have been looking to develop your website that will outstep everything regarding design, programming, user friendliness then, PHP web development is your perfect choice. Pick any framework such as Zend, Laravel, CakePHP or CodeIgniter by keeping in mind your requirements before starting any project. If you are facing any challenge in deciding which framework to select, consult a professional web development company in India to make your venture a success.

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An Overview On Top PHP Frameworks Of 2016

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