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An Open Blog: Share Your Stories

By Swayne Martin @MartinsAviation
Share your story, promote your blog or website, acquire new twitter followers, put yourself out there. I am making this blog a semi-open blog. If you have a story related to aviation that might inspire someone to begin flying, encourage those who have started, etc... feel free to email me with the story or information (preferably with some photos or videos) and I will be happy to post it for everyone to see. 

If you think someone might have a cool story to share, send this page to them. :) The more stories and experiences, the better! 

An Open Blog: Share Your StoriesOF COURSE!

This could be a really cool opportunity to get some different perspectives into one place on this blog. You could include information about how you got to where you are (if you're a current pilot) or where you are in your training. 

Here are some ideas: (not limited to)

  • Is there something that inspired you to start flying? 
  • Did your family get you interested in aviation? 
  • How have you worked through some of the barriers in your process of becoming a pilot? 
  • What is your favorite route that you fly?
  • What has been your most memorable flying experience
  • Have you taken any cool trips that involve flying? 
  • Where is your favorite place to fly? 

*note, you do not have to be a pilot or student pilot, just share something cool from flying!

An Open Blog: Share Your Stories

If you have an interest in this, feel free to email me at [email protected] The stories can be anonymous, profiled, related to your site, etc. It is really up to you! It could be a great way to promote your twitter, website, blog, or youtube channel--off site! Send me an email, and we can talk about what you'd like to add.


Swayne Martin

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