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An Olympic Thank You! Help Missy Franklin Swim for MS

By Softstar @Soft_Star_Shoes

As some of our readers may recall, we made a special pair of shoes for Missy Franklin after the Olympics ended last summer. The swimmer and four-time gold medalist said in an interview that she had trouble finding shoes to fit her size 13 feet. Upon hearing this, our seamstresses went to work right away to make a special pair of red, white and shiny blue Merry Janes. You can see photos of the shoes on our original post (as well as a photo of me testing their fit, since I'm the only one in the shop with feet the same size as Missy).

Today, we were excited to receive a special surprise in the mail: Missy sent us a thank you card!

Missy Franklin Thank You

Along with the card was a flyer for Missy's new project. The all-star swimmer is now the ambassador for Swim for MS, a national fundraiser in which volunteers are encouraged to create their own swim challenge while recruiting online donations to support the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA). To date, the organization has already raised more than $228,000. If you enjoy playing in the water and want to turn your pastime into a charity drive, then we encourage you to check out the Swim for MS website.


Way to go Missy!

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