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An Interview With Hanne & Lore

Posted on the 20 April 2011 by Pelski
An Interview With Hanne & Lore
Flying in from Germany, Hanne & Lore will be unleashing their wayward form of tech-house upon us this coming weekend at Pelski vs Jackmode. Be sure to have a listen to their 'Hello London Mix' as you scroll the page, it's an all out afternoon sunshine affair, and a perfect warm up for their debut set in London. We got a chance for a brief catch up with these rising stars...
Your tech house remix of Andhim's 'Like a cabbage' is an infectious and bouncy affair, having recently smashed the 10,000 plays mark on Sound Cloud. Can you tell us a little bit about the track?
It was our first coop with our homies from Andhim. We know each other very well and have released with them on the Sunset Handjob label. We just love their sound, so we didn't have to think twice about doing the remix for them, especially as the track was released on Monika Kruse's Terminal M. We've always had a good relationship to Monkika, but we never expected that we would ever release on her label;)
The German club scene continually pushes the musical boundaries into the future. Some have branded Berlin as the official think tank for experimentation. Where do Hanne & Lore go for inspiration when your both out in Berlin?
Berlin, to us at least, eminates an indescribable feeling of vitality. 2-3 days in the capital and our reserve tanks are refilled ... Everything here is completely different to anywhere else, even the night life is 24/7; This is where 1000's of people of all shapes and size come to swap experiences...
You're Philipp Straub remix of 'Alliance' was just released on your Mutekki. Are there any more releases on the horizon for Hanne & Lore?
We have a new Hanne & Lore release on the horizon on Style Rockets. In addition to this, there will be up coming remixes for Nat Self (Jackmode), Remerc (Trapez Ltd) and AkaAka (Bourlesque Music).
Are you looking forward to warming up for the Martin Brothers at Pelski vs. Jackmode?
Absolutely Yes! It will be our first appearance in London and are looking forward to it. We're already in the middle of our mini easter tour and Pelski vs Jackmode will be our highlight!
What's circulating in your record bag at the moment?
Our record bags are can be likened to magic sacks... filled with a whole lot of colorful, crunchy beats. Out of which always comes a good mix of unreleased promo stuff, new artists or labels and some Classics.
It's time to check your color-scope. Producers often associate their music with color, searchable as those who cite Synesthesia as to influence during the composition process. If you had to choose a colour to represent your music, what colour would you choose and why?
Since we can not agree on a colour...the closest thing would be the blue of the "waterkant" ("water's edge" - our first release on Monaberry). Where it all began ...

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