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An Insider Look: Tips to Developing a Killer Mobile App

Posted on the 03 December 2015 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog


If you have been thinking about developing a killer app, just a heads up, it’s going to be tough. Creating something that not only appeals to the users but retain them as well is challenging. On boarding strategy is the key to retaining mobile app users. If you look around, the best Mobile apps out there became successful by using smart strategies that focus on user engagement and stimulate present retention. It is significant that users have a virtual tour of the mobile app under making via screens. It makes it easy for them to get a hang of the fact as to what and how they should proceed with the app.

A lot of people are passionate about developing software products. And why not? The distribution of apps is much easier than that of hardware. Also they can be adopted quickly and instantly effect the growth of the firm. But what if you have never created an app? Veztek USA is a mobile app development Los Angeles firm that has experience in the respective field. The android and iPhone app development company Los Angeles can provide you with the required guidance to develop a killer mobile app.

Have a Broad Vision, Design It for Tomorrow and Not Today

According to a research, about two billion people in the world won’t be able to see a doctor because they can’t afford it. But half of those people can afford a mobile phone. This shows the potential of working with mobiles instead of desktops. Software can always drive the hardware to catch up, so it is safe to work with the former. But why go for developing something for the future and not today? Hardware technology is advancing at such a high pace that by the time your mobile app is launched, it will already be outdated.

Decide Whether You Want Help Or Not?

At this step you need to decide whether you should just hire someone to develop a mobile app with your idea or you want to do the homework and develop it yourself. If you decide to go with the later, you need to learn more about OpenGL, GPU, iOS programming in addition to other languages. Learning OpenGL can be a bit tricky, so you may require some help with that. The problem with that is the risk of exposing your idea to an outsider, so you need to be very careful. You can be smart and hire professionals to build the sample code and then you can keep that as a reference for writing the final code. This would be time consuming but the end result would make quite the difference.

From Prototype to the Final Product

Once you are done with the learning phase, you need to validate the results with the use of tools. Once you see it is successful, you will realize that it has opened up an array of possibilities. Before you could pursue those potential opportunities, you need graphics and interface to turn the prototype into the final product. You will need the expert advice and professional help at this step as well. Applying the same technique as before, have the experts do enough work from which you could learn.

Test Your Product, Make Sure It Works

Before you put it out in the market, you need to make sure that the product works. Because if the end product isn’t accurate, the graphics, interfaces and features would not matter.

Decide How You Want To Price Your Product

There are a couple of approaches to determine the price. Google Survey is one way to go about it which allows you to send out market surveys at a low cost. Sensor Tower is another tool that you could use to evaluate the price with respect to different categories. The objective behind pricing your product is to set a price that will leave enough margin for the business to add more features and grow at a smooth pace. The ultimate goal should be to provide the basic app features for free so that every user can have a taste of it. Once successful in doing that, you need to think out of the box and create ways to generate revenue and build a stable business.

Things to Keep In Mind

1. Emphasize on Developer Transparency

During the steps where you decide to go with outside help, emphasize the hired developers to be transparent so that you should be able to see the code and how he goes about it at every step. Make sure the developer agrees to it before you hire him. If they make excuses, that’s a sign that you need to rethink about hiring him. Also, if you think that the relationship between you and the developer isn’t right, don’t wait for the things to get comfortable, they never will. So switch sooner rather than later.


2. Learn Technology To The Core

Initially, when you start off with developing an app, you feel like you know the basic things that are vital to building it. As you progress in the process, you will realize that you were wrong. So you need to go deep to the core and understand things in detail. Failing to do so will result in endless development cycles, which you surely don’t want. You cannot know everything of course, but the more you do the better it is.

3. Build A Community

The fun in developing mobile apps and their performance lies in the ability to share. Give the users a platform where they could share their experiences with other users. A way in which friends could see what each of them is doing with the app. Also, they should be able to share the results and post them online for their friends to see. No matter how tech-savvy your product is, people always want to be a part of something big.

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