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An (illustrated) Children's Book by Heddi Goodrich

By Heddigoodrich

An (illustrated) children's book by Heddi GoodrichBlack Dude sure was cool. (illustration: suave black sheep surrounded by admirers)
Sheepy wasn’t. He was just like everybody else. As boring as a fluffy white cloud.
“That one looks like a ship,” said his friend Sheepish. (looking up at the cloud shapes)
“Do you think it would work if I dyed myself black?” Sheepy asked.
“Honestly? No.”
So one day…
Sheepy decided to dress himself up with branches.
He was the fanciest sheep on the paddock.
He had a few admirers. (birds)
Most of the other didn’t get it.
(the other sheep) “You looked better without those branches.” “You’ll ruin your wool like that.” “You’ll poke someone’s eye out.” “You’ll prick yourself.”
But they were just jealous.
A woodpecker started to peck one of his branches. Sheepy wasn’t too bothered. It was almost musical. Sheepy liked music.
Sheepy stumbled. A branch poked him on the side. Sheepy didn’t mind. He had an itch just in that spot anyway.
Branches were cool. Branches were the new black.
More birds landed on his branches. And more. And more.
“You look uncomfortable,” said Sheepish.
“I’m not uncomfortable. I’m never uncomfortable.”
Birds know nothing about real music. So Sheepy strutted elegantly into the barn.
Sheepy decided to shave himself.
He was the only shorn sheep on the paddock.
He had a few admirers. (squirrels)
Most of the others didn’t get it.
(the other sheep) “You looked better with your wool on.” “You’re supposed to wait till spring to shave.” “Winter’s on its way, you know.” “You’ll catch the flu.”
But they were just jealous.
It started to rain. The others ran for cover under the trees. But not Sheepy. He didn’t mind the rain.
It started to hail. The others got ice caught in their wool. But not Sheepy. The hail rolled right off him.
Short was cool. Short was the new black.
The wind started to blow. And blow. And blow.
“You’re cold,” said Sheepish.
“I’m not cold. I’m never cold.”
Trees are useless when it comes to wind. So Sheepy wandered casually into the barn. (shivering, sniffling)
A few days later he came out with a new do. (a type of body mohawk with dreadlocks)
“What happened to the shorn look?” asked Sheepish.
“Oh, that? That’s so yesterday.”
“Wanna go check out the clouds?”
“Cool,” said Sheepy.

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