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An eBay Bag Wishlist

By Georginacallen @georginacallen

An eBay Bag Wishlist
1. Oversized Envelope Clutch £12 incl delivery
2. Satchel Shoulder Bag £21 incl delivery
3. Satchel Shoulder Messenger Handbag £14.50 incl delivery

4.  Oversized Envelope Purse £14.90 
5.  Dual-Use Shoulder Bag £19.99 incl delivery
6. Leather Style Vintage Satchel Tote £19.90 incl delivery
I've spent lots of time recently on eBay trying to find the cheapest and hottest yellow ribbon money can buy for the charity event and in doing so have racked up quite an impressive eBay basket. I'm currently wishing all 6 of these were in my bag collection. With less than one month until my birthday expect many more wish lists :)
An eBay Bag Wishlist

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