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An Eagle in Your Mind: Outside

Posted on the 04 October 2017 by Hctf @hctf
An Eagle in your Mind: Outside

French nomadic abstract folk duo An Eagle in your Mind recorded the tracks for their Outside album on board of our their camper van using their DIY solar powered studio while traveling in Morocco. Raoul (backing vocals, percussions, guitar) and Sophia (vocals, backing vocals, guitar, shruti box, organ) are not a bunch of hipsters who post staged daily updates on their their Instagram. They are serious musicians playing melodic yet percussive vignettes about life on the road.

On Outside their songs sounds as old as the hills, with bluegrass vocals as the main ingredient. On closer inspection most of the used rhythms are far more modern, with shards of hip-hop and drone like interludes. Taking into account that they recorded in a tent (no wooden panels to control the acoustics, but drapes) it's amazing that they managed to get such a consistent sound. Recommended if you like Deleyaman, PJ Harvey and the often overlooked early Seventies Fleetwood Mac.

An Eagle in your Mind: Outside

Outside is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from their website.

  1. Mister Sun
  2. Birthday
  3. I call the Wind
  4. Old Love
  5. Empty Sky
  6. Namibia
  7. On the Afternoon
  8. When the Moon Rises
  9. Searching for the Sun
  10. Waterfall
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