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An Appetite for Exposé

Posted on the 02 December 2010 by Omer Syed @Omersy92
An Appetite for Exposé

Robert Kenner's 2008 documentary Food Inc. is a shocking exposition on Factory Agriculture, Fast Food and Food Industry. Liz Braun: "Food, Inc. is 90 minutes of frankly riveting information about what we eat now" [1] James Yates: "Documentaries work when they illuminate, when they alter how we think, which renders "Food, Inc." a solid success, and a must-see" [2]
                                 Factory Agriculture

Factory farming is animal cruelty. The cows and chickens are fed corn rather than grass which what they're designed to eat by nature, not corn. They are fed corn to get obese for mass-production but the corn makes the animals ill with E-coli infection, mad cow disease and they even get organ failure that results in their death. 
After slaughtering them, they put ammonia acid and antibiotics to make it safe for us to eat but that makes it even worse than it already is. We humans are very susceptible to the diseases these animals can carry if we eat their meat right after they get ill, as the meat is contaminate. It's operated by poorly trained workers and fertilizer tends to get mixed into the meat.
In fact, there's a case in the documentary where a 3-year old son tragically died of E-coli infection and organ failure due to eating 3 hamburgers. The factory meat gets further processed when fast food places store the same meat in the freezer to prepare faster.
The animals in these factories can't even have their normal life like they do in the regular farm, they die in a very slow and painful process, it's fine for humans to eat animal meat but to put them in this slow painful torture is utter animal cruelty. Each separate animal group is thrown together into the meat grinder which includes their guts, intestines and everything in the meat that could increase the chance of blocking the arteries if we eat it.

                                       Fast Food
Fast food is very dangerous, it's unhealthy and has unfortunately become a billion dollar corporation. The food industry takes full advantage for they're own gain by keeping fresh healthy natural food that's nutritious in the supermarket and restaurants more expensive but yet they keep fast food cheap. People fall for this trap, when they don't have time to cook or can't afford to. 

It's very high in saturated fat, calories and grease. The major cause of increasing obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart failure and food poisoning. In 2008, 57-year old Caesar Barber attempted to sue every fast food chain because after consuming fast food, he became obese, was diagnosed with diabetes and suffered two heart attacks but unfortunately the lawsuit was not issued in court.
                          Food Industry

Since it's introduction in 1977, there are a lot of food products that include high-fructose corn syrup as substitute to regular table sugar. High-fructose corn syrup is more harmful than table sugar due to being heavily processed, excessive calories are converted to be eventually stored as fat and decreases the important metabolism function called insulin response due to the reduction of which there is no suppression of appetite that you get after eating a regular meal. This ingredient is in many supermarket products.
The question is, why do they use this sugar substitute in the products? Well, because High-fructose corn syrup is cheaper for mass-production and preserves shelf-life of products. Consumption of high-fructose corn is one of the major causes of increase in obesity, type-2 diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Food products that have high-fructose corn syrup include soft drinks such as Pepsi and processed products.
The food industry is invulnerable to lawsuits because they are a billion dollar corporation and have connections with the American government, all political parties including Republicans and Democrats.

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