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An Amazing Summer Buckinghamshire Wedding

By Dewandemmer @dewandemmer

Dewan Demmer Photography

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Dance the night away at buckinghamshire wedding

Sara and Marcelle live in Australia and had decided to place to be married was in England, a Buckinghamshire Wedding. The reason was simple, at least to begin with. With so many friends and relatives living in the UK and Europe it made sense for them to travel for this one big day.
This was to be a Wedding with family and friends from Ireland, Australia, UK and Denmark.

Of course organising so much across the ocean can be a tremendous challenge, and fortunately for all Sara’s Mother was more than happy to help with the arrangements and did a tremendous job.

I finally got to meet Sara a few weeks before her Wedding day, and over a cup of coffee we chatted a little about the day.

The days prior to the wedding the weather had been a little indecisive with wind, sun and rain and the weatherman predicting rain. I even made sure to check the night before, just in case the clouds had decided to stay away, but still rain was on the cards. So when Saturday arrived and looking out the window I saw a few clouds I simply thought that the rain would arrive later in the day. It would seem the rain had better plans and left the Wedding with a few fluffy clouds and blue skies. No one complained, not even a little bit.

The day started with Sara at the family home in Buckinghamshire surrounded with close friends and family as her hair was done and make-up applied, the entire time their little 11 Month Old boy was on the best manners, and handed out smiles and big eyed looks as often as he could.
Marcelle was staying at The Bull Hotel a mere 5 minutes down the road, with a few friends to keep him company as they enjoyed the rugby while counting down the minutes.

Soon it was time and everyone was off to Church, with excited trepidation Sara now looking fantastic and every-bit the beautiful bride sat in the Rolls Royce, in between her Mother and Best friend. It was a short ride, long enough to make a joke or two and to think a little about the day ahead. Then the car arrived and it the St James Church.

Sara was greeted by the Vicar and with a hug and a brief chat it was time to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was soon over and the Newly Wed couple were soon heading off to the reception which was being hosted in the Backyard of the Buckinghamshire family home, the entire ground was soon filled with sounds of people laughing and children playing.

Of course there were touching and heartfelt speeches, with gentle words and revealing tales and soon followed by everyone getting into the swing of things and dancing the night away.

It was a lovely day, with the warm Summer weather, blue skies, fluffy clouds and of course filled with everyone coming together to share this amazing day with Sara and Marcelle.

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