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My Favourite Wedding Photos Roundup of 2015

By Dewandemmer @dewandemmer

Dewan Demmer Photography

With 2015 is all wrapped up, done and dusted as they say. I thought this would be a very good time to post just a few of my favorite photos from this years weddings, now they are not always the best image or perhaps the most technically correct, they are images I really like personally and want to show to you. At the time I of starting this post I have a number of end of year Weddings to finish, so I will update this with a few more photos very soon.

Now this Photo was taken in the brides hotel room and on this mid-summers day we overlooked the All Saints church in Blackheath. I was with the bride for a fair bit of the morning and this is one of my favourites from the morning, probably due to is it being uncomplicated.

Bridal portrait in BlackHeath

Summer smiles in best of wedding photography
Smiles at Hall Place and Gradens

A jump to Richmond and the Petersham Hotel. We are in the bride Hotel room, and from the balcony we can see the field and the river Thames. Andrea is surrounded by her family and friends and she is quite visibly excited , and is all smiles.  Her family are moving around her,chatting, getting ready and sharing stories and jokes. I think for me this photo captured a little bit of this moment.

Bridal prep at Petersham Hotel

Scream and jump when you ready
Small wedding central london

This time we at the Hendon Hall, that just happens to be in Hendon. The day is running a little behind schedule, as a Wedding day can, and I have a few minutes with the couple before the reception begins. I was quite lucky to find a small meeting room empty with a wonderful light coming in through the window. So with no time to spare a photo was created.

Bride and Groom portrait in Window

Letting the imagination go
Bride shows girl her bouquet

A Greek fusion Wedding filled with dancing and this is one of a few that I like simply for the way it captured a moment as they moved in the circle dance moving in concentric circles.

Greek Wedding at Hendon Hall

Favourite wedding details greenwich
Bride dancing Greek Fusion Wedding at Hendon Hall
Bride and her dress

Greek wedding dance
A Kiss by ripleys at Piccadilly Circus

What do you do if you early for the ceremony ? You take the chance to have a cup of coffee and make sure your little guy is well fed and happy.

Bride feeds baby before ceremony

Mayfair wedding
Mayfair wedding ceremony laughter

The ceremony is still a few minutes from beginning and at this moment the bride is holding back tears as the moment is almost to much.

Bride holds back tears at Mayfair library

Bride looks out window at Hendon Hall
Basmead barn wedding suitcase

I always liked this one simply because at this moment everyone was relaxed and having a little fun, with no worry about the camera.

Couple walking together at bassmead manor

I think it is obvious why I like this photo, with all the rushing and making sure all is in place at this moment they have no one else in the world but each other.

Bride shares a moment wth the groom during ceremony

What do you do while getting your hair done ? You share a bottle of champagne with bridesmaids.

Bride sharing champagne with bridesmaid

This was at the Petersham Hotel in Richmond and instead of confetti the couple thought bubbles would make a nice change. This set of photos came out just right with the wind having died down and sun at just the right angle ! This photo works so well for me, mostly when I see how the couple are so full of smiles.

Bubbles have no age restriction
Grooms speech at the Petersham Hotel
Wedding Ceremony at the Petersham Hotel

These guys had created a whole day around their ceremony and treated a small group of friends to a special afternoon, ending in tea at Fortnum and Mason and then dinner at Fortnum and Masons in a private dining room. This was their photo in the private dining room and I think suited the couple perfectly.

Couple photos in private dining room at fortnum and masons

Groom leaving shop best 2015 wedding photography
Same Sex couple enjoy joke during ceremony in Best of Wedding Photography 2015

There is always one person at a party and Wedding that seems to have limitless energy and this is a photo of one of those people.

Guest Dancing at Hendon Hall Hotel in Best of Wedding Photography 2015

The sunset was what made this photo work so well.

Best of Wedding Photography 2015 at Hall Place and Gardens couple photo

What is not to like about a field of barley and the couple spending a few moments in a very hectic Wedding day together.

wedding Couple in Fields of barley at Basmead manor - best of wedding photography

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