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Amsterdam Gets Inked

By Amsterdam City Tours

Amsterdam gets inked

While they were once a status symbol of the counter-culture class, tattoos have grown to become a highly popular – and acceptable way of expressing yourself.

In Amsterdam, you see this best as the lovely lady with a butterfly insignia saunters among the inked Hell’s Angels and the tattooed tourist. But this weekend, tattoos take on a new level with the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention.

Bringing together the best tattoo artists from across the globe, it won’t be a place to find the cliché starter tattoo but some of the most impressive and innovative designs and colour techniques out there.

“The idea behind arranging the Amsterdam tattoo convention was to put Amsterdam on the map in the tattoo scene,” says convention organiser Martin Muller.

Amsterdam gets inked

“Not only that, but Holland has a long-standing tattoo history with the Dutch merchant navy who brought back a lot of ink work from across the world.â€�

Indeed, sailors are inextricably linked to the tattoo culture, and Amsterdam’s history as a major port city welcomed these men and their art. But, unlike the days of tattoos marking the criminal or working class, today’s tattoo scene involves everyone.

“The tattoo culture has grown very big in the last 40 years. It used be frowned on by many people of the established society, but now, everybody gets tattooed: actors, sportsmen and sportswomen, politicians, elderly people, it is more accepted than it has ever been before,” says Muller.

Interested? There is no better place to scout out some ink than the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention.

In it’s seventh year, the event has made quite a reputation for itself and now hosts over 170 artists. But don’t feel pressure to mark your body forever. Admirers and spectators are also welcome.

Whether they are from New Zealand, Japan, Europe the USA or anywhere else on the globe, you can be sure that everyone at this event has something in common – a love of art eternal.

Amsterdam gets inked

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