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AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region Welcome Packet Fall 2012

By Adventuresinamyland

After an astonishing amount of traffic coming in since I posted about serving with AmeriCorps NCCC, I figure I better give the people what they want, more NCCC! Judging from all the postings on the facebook group, people are NERVOUS. I’ve stopped checking the page because it doesn’t really have much info anymore, but just people acting like they’re about to show up to to a new school in the middle of the year without knowing anybody. “Anyone else heading to Denver from Rhode Island? Want to meet up before we get there?!” The person who works for AmeriCorps and is the admin for the group has told people rather harshly to stop freaking out and calm down more than once.

AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region Welcome Packet Fall 2012

The Basics
Class No: XIX
Dates of service: October 9, 2012- July 26, 2013.
Southwest region (in green): Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas.
Number of Corps members in SW region: 280
Units present in SW region: Earth, Fire, Sun, Water.


Now onto the juicy stuff. AmeriCorps NCCC is definitely going to be an experiment in minimalism. We have to move out of our rooms in Denver while we’re on Spike and everything we leave behind has to fit into a military-issue duffel bag. While on Spike we get an issued red bag and we can bring a backpack or something similar along as well. (So, I guess this means no hair dryer/straightener?!?! Hello Miss Frizzle!) We’ll be tested on our physical fitness (1.5 mile run, pushups and sit-ups in a minute) initially and then during transition weeks back in Denver as well. I’m pretty sure I’m going to start preparing for the fitness testing ahead of time as I don’t want to get there and be completely out of shape. The running and sit-ups isn’t a big deal as I run pretty often, but I can do exactly zero pushups which is kind of embarrassing. Our first deployment is November 9. (Do they really have to use the word deploy? It sounds like we’re going to war or something!)

So that’s the jist of the welcome packet.

And now I’m off to print the paperwork I need to fill out so that I can actually make it to Denver in October!

Amy x


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