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Americans (and Australians) on Climate Change

Posted on the 12 August 2023 by Doggone

 A Pew Charitable Trust poll says a few interesting things about US attitudes toward climate change. A two thirds majority of people in the US support prioritising the development of renewable energy sources, yet most of them are not open to the idea of phasing out fossil fuels. I guess this is where I can bring in the Australians. Since Australians and New Zealanders have been using alternative energy for their vehicles and other purposes for some time now. The similarities come in that attitudes toward this subject tend to go along political lines in the US and Antipodes.

Sky News Australia and Fox News are a lot alike when it comes to climate. Which is totally different from European news, which is pretty solid that climate change is real and a problem.

And there is a divide between the "Democratic" and Republican parties about this issue, but even if people in the US accept climate change, they are still not as concerned about that than other issues (even though cities and transportation fit into this very well). Toss in that some people think that climate change doesn't effect them locally.

Which is amusing given my previous post: "the silver lining to climate change".

Despite all this people are willing to join international action to curb climate change.

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