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America's Persistent Racism--And Just Two of Its Effects

Posted on the 15 April 2018 by Morage @kebmebms

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Two quick statistics, out today in the Sunday New York Times, from two separate articles:
--In the early 1950s, the median income of Chicago's public housing residents was nearly two-thirds of the citywide average. By 1970, it was barely one-third that.
--And today, Black mothers--and babies, both--in the United States are dying at more than double the rate of white mothers and babies.
But, sure, someone ask why they don't "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps."
We segregate, separate, large numbers of fellow Americans, by color, for God's sake, away from us but also away from jobs, certainly away from the better paying jobs, too, give them an inferior education then are surprised they're on welfare. Then, when they can and do get some measly help, that welfare, we insist they work for it, as though it's easy for them to have a car. Keeping in mind, we also don't want there to be mass transit so maybe they can get around our cities, to and from those jobs, quickly, easily and at low cost.
Freaking brilliant.
And then it's done by the wealthy of our society, people who were born to and given large amounts of money, from birth, like our own current President, and too many of the rest of us go along with this ugliness and insanity.
It's a great thing we're a "Christian nation", isn't it?

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