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Améliorer and Play on Words

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
Bonjour lovelies! Au jourd'hui on commençe la premiere leçon en français! Are you excited? I am! While I am far from being fluent in the language, learning and speaking French is passion of mine - and I hope to spend at least a year in the country soon. I have been blessed to have visited France several times, and I cannot wait to go back!
Ok! Commencons! Let's begin!

Améliorer and Play on Words

Sitting in Le Café des Deux Moulins, in the 18th, Feb 2011.

Today's French word of the day is:  améliorer [ah-may-leuh-rayh], which means to improveAméliorer is a regular -ER verb, meaning it's present tense endings are:
-e   -ons
-es   -ez
-e   -ent
Try it in a sentence:
Je suis d'améliorer ma vocabulaire quand j'utilise le mot "améliorer". 
I am improving my vocabulary when I use the word "improve".
Je suis chercher pour m'améliore toujours.
I am always looking/searching for ways to improve myself.
Ma poupounette, si le dejeuner est fade, tu besoin l'améliorer!
My dear, if the lunch is bland/boring/tasteless, you need to improve it!
Améliorer and Play on Words

Améliorer and Play on Words

My absolute favorite scene from the movie. The complimentary colors make me so happy!

Also, a fun little association I have with this word is the French movie, Amélie. For those of you who have seen it, you know that Amélie, the main character goes around improving other peoples lives. Fun little play on words, isn't it?
For my next lesson we're taking an entire tour of France, but not in the way you think!
PS I wanted to thank all of you for sharing your interest in my previous post, on the rape victims in Libya. I will certainly keep you updated on my efforts to get them aid!

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