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Amelia’s Magazine: Lymes Band

By Jardley @jardster

Last week I took on what I consider my first illustration job even if it wasn’t paid. It would be utilized in an article and had a brief. And I really felt the pressure just from that to produce something really great.

Here’s the piece I did courtesy of Amelia’s Magazine. I had been wanting to create an illustration for awhile for Amelia’s Magazine when this brief popped up to create an illustration for the band Lymes. Once I heard their music, I found the opportunity. Amelia’s brief really just was go with what you felt when you heard their music and I really heard the windchimes, and eerie dreamlike haze while listening to their song “Welcome”.
This was my introduction to the band and gotta say I really love their music. Go read their interview, see my illustration in context, and listen to both “Welcome” and their other songs here.

Amelia’s Magazine: Lymes Band

I had different ideas about how I wanted the piece to look as a final but when it became crunch time, I really was glad for this new idea that came along.

Created with diluted acrylic, some watercolor, and ballpoint pen.

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