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Amateur Film Hour - Lunching in Bali

By Leonoras


When we lived in San Francisco, a co-worker and I relished our stealth 'Beer Fridays', which on slower summer work days typically involved cold Chimay and enormous chinese chicken salads enjoyed al fresco on Mission and 3rd Streets

Here in Bali, I've traded Chimay for turmeric juice and chicken salad for nasi campur. But such is life.

This Friday, we got ambitious and decided to try our hands once more at film making. Jesse optimistically suggested I might video our drive into town and through the rice fields to Sari Organic - one of our very favorite Ubud lunch spots - and I gamely agreed, somehow managing to survive the journey without faceplanting into the pavement. 

Editing proved slightly more challenging, but I like to think we're improving. Slowly. If nothing else, the video should give a nice sense of our little town of Lodtunduh, Ubud and the glorious rice fields that seem to surround us in all directions. As well as just how far we are from anything slightly resembling Beer Friday in SOMA.

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