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Amaranth (New Adult Romance)

By Selane @SummerEllenLane
Amaranth (New Adult Romance)Camille has a loser for a boyfriend. Or should I say EX-boyfriend? After a chance encounter with an exceptionally handsome random dude named Gavin in Paris, things take a turn for the better...or worse. Her romance with Gavin becomes complicated when she finds out his secrets (which are, of course, of the paranormal variety), and that her ex is really more than a loser. He's a dangerous loser. Soon poor Camille is right in the middle of a supernatural war and I'll be darned if she can make it home in time for breakfast!First off, let me say this: for the price, this is a great book. Kindle is awesome, and I will be the first to tout the E-reader banner when it comes to the business of finding bargain-priced books. Amaranth is basically New Adult lit - which I was tickled to find out - and the main character, Camille, was pretty likable. Gavin was a dead ringer for Edward Cullen (sans the sparkly chest hairs), and that's where my interest, unfortunately, winked out and took a hike. At the beginning of the book, we find out that Camille likes to dabble in hoodoo magic spells that she buys from some kind of an old witch. But why? Don't know. It's never really made clear, and the entire subject seems extremely forced, because it doesn't really tie into the story. Camille spends way too much time talking about her feelings.... "I don't know why I love you, but I totally do, and I want to be with you forever, even though I've only known you for a day, and I'm wondering if you feel the same way...." And so on and so forth for a large, unspecified number of paragraphs.Le sigh.But still, entertaining enough. Super cliche. Camille is also a frustrating MC because she won't tell anybody about her abusive boyfriend...even when her strong, totally protective new boyfriend, Gavin, offers to make him into a human pancake. Not me! I would be completely, totally ticked off if I was being treated like dirt by a guy, and the cops would be the first ones to hear about it. I understand, though, that not everybody is like me, and they let these things go.Yeeeaaah. Not me!*winks*Amaranth is a fun, pretty decent romance novel. But that's not enough to persuade me to buy the sequel.

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