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Alternative Indigo // Know Your Style

By Gentrilee
Alternative Indigo // Know Your Style
Hello fellow Gentri Lee readers! My name is Alexis Jade Kaiser and I am an alternative fashion blogger here in Provo, Utah. I have mermaid hair and I love encouraging my readers to step outside their normal 'go to-s' when it comes to fashion. I think fashion is such an amazing, crazy thing. It's the one thing that truly represents a person based on first impressions. And lets be honest, first impressions are everything. I've only been a part of the 'blogging' scene since May of 2014 and its been a whirlwind of excitement and really discovering where I stand as an individual and a 'blogger.' 

I say 'blogger' simply because what do you think of when you think of a 'blogger......' Well, that's easy, Starbucks iced tea, peonies, Michael Korhs handbags, swirled Caramel Lattes, blah blah blah. I am here to represent a different side of the blogging world. Something that hasn't yet been approached or represented. I want to encourage a different movement in the fashion blogging world. And that's why I started Alternative IndigoInspirations? Who are they? Easy. Melodi Meadows @babynative and Erin Wasson @erinwassson. These two women seriously have such an impact an influence on my everyday fashion. I also think they carry themselves with such a unique beautiful confidence that is so non-typical to our first thought of 'beautiful.' Aka 'airbrushed skin, perfect makeup, perfect hair, so on so forth.' I love that they represent what I view as a true, confident, beautiful women.  I think blogging is such a beautiful thing. To be able to inspire those of you who need a little help here and there, and to be there for those of you who maybe just need a friend. It's amazing the connections that Instagram, Facebook, and blogger can provide! I think that if I had to sum my style up into one phrase it would be; bohemian-gypsy-native mosh pit. I love trying new things and experimenting with different styles and looks all the time. I love to stick with super simple looks such as skinnies and a basic tee. But, the next day I will be wearing a floral dress with huge chunky jewelry and over the knee boots. I think personal fashion is all about what works for you and what is influencing you the moment you get dressed. I also think that having inspirations is good, and also a curse. Don't let not being the person that inspires you most weigh you down. Let them inspire you, don't feel obligated to be them. I think that's where fashion goes all wrong. We are all beautiful and all different in our own way, and that's what makes us individuals. 

Alternative Indigo // Know Your StyleAlternative Indigo // Know Your StyleAlternative Indigo // Know Your StyleAlternative Indigo // Know Your Style
Final words of advice, let fashion inspire you, not eat you alive. Be your own beautiful; put on something you never dared to before; put a crazy colored streak in your hair, I mean hell, dye you whole head a crazy color. Just be you, it's beautiful. I promise.

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