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Alphabe’s Thursday Letter “G” – Garlic, Greenfly and Others.

By Hurtlingtowards60 @ronitee

I am always on the look out for something new and exciting to write about on my blog.  Not only does it keep it fresh and interesting for you to read, it makes it fun for me to write.   Today I read Julia’s Place latest post on her blog called “Gold” – her contribution to Alphabe – Thursday  a meme I had not come across before.   The letter this Thursday is “G”.

I came up with lots of ideas on what to write for “G”  and visited Jenny Matlock’s blog Off on my Tangent  to read the rules and instructions.    A  number of my ideas have already been posted,  nevertheless, not one to be deterred, I have decided to present a gathering of my “G”s over the last year, even if it does create a little duplication.

The first one is G for GARLIC IN GUERNSEY.

I visit the island regularly for short stays with my father, but in April 2011 (when he was away) I went with a friend for the whole week and took in the sights as a visitor.    We were lucky with the weather, which was sublime although the warmth of the sun did cause the aroma of wild Garlic to waft around somewhat, which was not to everyone’s pleasure as you can imagine.

Alphabe’s Thursday Letter “G” – Garlic, Greenfly and Others.

It may be 'wild' and 'stinky' but is a very pretty flower


I love my garden and am only to pleased to share it with others; this is one of the reasons I blog.   Unfortunately, there are others who like to share my garden, which are not such welcome visitors.   Greenfly are a prime example, they have a particular penchant for my roses.   I would have shown photos of slugs and snails too, but they will have to wait until we get to “S”.

Alphabe’s Thursday Letter “G” – Garlic, Greenfly and Others.

Greenfly on my rose buds


The subject of graveyards has already been covered by Kyetra Belton on her blog, but as she likes graves, I hope she forgives me for duplicating things and enjoys the photo. 

These graves I found, when the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt was “Hidden”.   I took a walk down to the wrought iron gates I see on my way to work, never knowing what was hidden behind them.  It was a lovely old, and somewhat overgrown, Victorian graveyard.

Alphabe’s Thursday Letter “G” – Garlic, Greenfly and Others.


I am an avid collector of Aquilegia (or more commonly known as Granny’s Bonnet).   There are so many different varieties and they pay dividends because they are self-seeders – excellent news if you are a budget gardener.   This does mean that a treasured and loved plant one year doesn’t always come true the next year but most do.   They pop up all over the garden, which is just what you want when trying to cultivate a slightly rambling country garden.   The particular species in the photo below is Norah Barlow and generally does grow true each year.

Alphabe’s Thursday Letter “G” – Garlic, Greenfly and Others.

There you are, just a few of my posts in 2011 that are relevant to “G”, I hope you enjoyed them and perhaps if you have time you can linger a little longer to read the posts in which these photos appear:-

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Now all I have to do is link up  and read at least 10 of the other posts for Alphabe – Thursday.

Alphabe’s Thursday Letter “G” – Garlic, Greenfly and Others.

That’s me sorted for the rest of the evening!


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