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By Sedulia @Sedulia

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Today I heard a funny ad on the radio for recycling old televisions. It occurred to me later, though, that it was a very French ad, and probably would have elicited indignant phone calls in the U.S.

The warm voice was of an attractive dame d'un certain âge, perhaps like that of Evelyne Adam at France Bleu. I'll have to guess at the exact words, since I've only heard the ad once.

"How can he dump me like this? I'm still beautiful, I am just as good as ever. Then suddenly from one day to the next he says he needs a new television and brings her home. 

"I don't see why likes her. She's completely thin and flat, it's ridiculous.

"At least he is taking me to the nice recycling center he found at Maybe there, someone will turn me on one last time."

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