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Allowing Kids To Play Adult Computer Games

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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I have to admit that this is one of my pet hates!

Allowing Kids To Play Adult Computer Games

My husband plays Call Of Duty a lot on xbox live, and I’ll admit I did too before I had my little girl. On the game itself there is swearing, but when you are playing online against other users there is a hell of a lot more.

Now this game is an 18 due to the language and the blood and guts flying around, but the amount of times I have heard kids on the headsets is shocking! There have been children as young as 8 on it that I have personally spoke to!

As if that wasn’t bad enough the language that some of these children come out with is awful! But then you get the parents coming on the headset having a go at us for swearing and saying we are irresponsible.

Yes that’s right, I am the irresponsible one for playing a game that is an 18 and swearing while playing it. Of course you are not irresponsible as a parent for buying a child of that age this sort of game then letting them play it online with adults. What a joke!

My husbands favorite phrase to use to those mums is “If you can’t look after and be responsible for what dropped out of your fanny, you should have it sewn shut.” and i have to say i agree. We are not at fault that you are exposing your child to this enviroment.

Would you put a porno on for your child to watch? No? Then don’t buy them games that are made for adults!

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