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All Together Now

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
If there is one thing we're good at now, it's moving furniture. We've moved tables, desks, cabinets, rugs and other items up and down and back again. So when the four of us moved the brunette twin's new armoire upstairs we should have been coordinated like a well-oiled machine.

Instead we looked like something from a situation comedy. We started and stopped and argued and shifted back and forth. The blond twin screamed when the cabinet pinched her fingers. The brunette twin jumped back just before the top hit her foot. We managed to push the cabinet so far to one side that Daddy was trapped against the wall. 

Despite it all, the armoire made it upstairs. We pushed it upright at the top and wiggled it into the brunette twin's room. It went against the wall in a place of honor. 

I marveled at how we all worked together to get it done. The girls have grown into quite the little assistants. Not only are they able to help, they want to help. The blond twin was quite annoyed that Daddy asked the brunette twin to help before asking her. He thought the brunette twin would want to help because it was her armoire. The blond twin felt left out of the fun. If we were all going to move it upstairs, she wanted to be part of the action. 

They are still my babies, but they are also growing up to be capable young ladies. It's a lovely development, even if it takes moving furniture to realize their growth.

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