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All-natural Surface and Hand Sanitizer

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

By now you probably have heard that antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers actually do more harm than good. (ie: they kill the body’s natural ability to fight germs and aid in the creation of “super bugs”…ick.)

Anyhow, I still want a healthy way to clean grocery carts, restaurant tables and little hands in a way that not only kills off nastiness, but also boosts the body’s natural ability to fight illness.

Here’s my recipe for an all-natural immune-boosting surface and hand sanitizer:

thieves hand & surface

  • 1 4oz dark glass spray bottle – you can find them at many health stores or at Amazon
  • 4 oz purified or distilled water
  • appx 7-10 drops Thieves oil

That’s it!  I give it a little shake and spray away!  I keep one in my purse and in the car (perfect for after gassing up the car.)

I’ll even spritz the kid’s bodies with it if they have been exposed to illness.  I spray it on bedding, furniture, door handles, remotes, light switches, and in the air to keep the rest of the house well if someone gets sick.

It’s so safe that you can spray it on your kids’ hands, knowing that if they immediately stick their fingers in their mouths it is not only harmless, but actually good for them!

This stuff works wonders!  I used it right after Miles was born when Henry got sick, and no one else got what he had, including my mom, who had shared a bed with him!

live well. be well.

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