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All Mass Effects Consoles Commands 2021

Posted on the 13 December 2020 by Ssghtc001

The Mass Effect game is among the best thrilling action and role-playing game that is loved by many people. This game is available on various platforms and can be played on various devices too. However, the best device which you can use to play this game is the PC. The nature of the game is designed to allow the players to have control over it and creates in-game communities. In this game, you can use console codes to command and customize the game, and this article will guide you on how to unlock the console commands in the game. Moreover, you will be able to know all the Mass Effect console commands.

How to Get the Console Codes

The first step is to unlock the Unreal Engine 4 console, which is always part of the Mass Effect game. You will also have to install a launcher that will always enable the console for easy input of codes. If you do not set up a launcher for your game, you will be forced to always follow the long procedure before putting your console codes. There are two ways that you can use to unlock the consoles, and they are described below.

NOTE: For you to unlock the console, you will need to download an Unlocked DLL separately. Why? This is because the files cannot be spread or distributed outside the website of the developers. It is one way of protecting the product of the developer and ensuring safety.

Currently, there are only two options for unlocking the console of the game and. You can open them by either using a TOW specific unlocker, which is created by Sunbeam or by using Universal UE4 Unlocker, which is created by Otis Inf. The two unlockers work the same though they are different, and their explanation is described below.

TOW specific unlocker

To get this console unlocker, you will have to visit the thread of Sunbeam and get a ZIP file. The following is the link which you can use to download the file:

After downloading the file, you can extract the ZIP and transfer them somewhere where you can retrieve them. Note that the password of the archive of the ZIP is available on the thread provided above. The next step is to open and start the game. Once the game opens, go to the main menu and alt-tab out to exit the game. You should then run the file ( IGCSInjector.exe), which you have extracted from the previously given thread. After running, it should give you a message that reads ‘’Done! Enjoy!’’. This is a confirmation message that the injection was successful. Failure to its display, it will not be successful. Alt-back to the game menu and go on to press the left of ‘1’key which is also called the Tilde key. By pressing this key, you will be opening the console. If you press it once, it will open a mini-console, and giving it two presses will open a full console.

Universal UE4 Unlocker

To get this console unlocker, you will have to visit the website of FRAMED Communities and download file called ZIP file. The link is:

After getting to the website, extract all the contents about the downloaded file and save them somewhere in your computer where you can retrieve them. The same procedure as that of the previous unlocker follows where you will have to start the game. After opening the game, run the file, which is the IGCSInjectorUI.exe file and get the IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe. It is in this file where you will inject into it. The next step is pressing the Inject DLL button, and as usual, if it is injected successfully, a message will be brought. Get back to the game and press the Tilde Key, which opens your console.


Now you have the consoles, and you can get a list of commands. Here are all the console commands of the famous Outer Worlds game that help you customize the game the way you want.

SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 1 0 – This command helps in creating new save game and can be used even on supernova difficulty

• ShowHUD – It is a crucial command for toggling HUD display

• ToggleDebugCamera – The command toggles debug camera which is also known as free cam

• Teleport – It is a command that teleports the characters you have chosen to where the debug camera is facing

• AddCurrency 1 – It helps the player to add currency to his inventory by keying in the amount he/she wants

• QuestStart – It is vital for starting a quest. For example, Quest start Passion is used to start the passion pills quest, which to some people it bugs. You just have to insert the quest name or names.

• QuestComplete – it is for completing Quest, and you have to insert the quest names too

• DebugUnlockCompanion – This command is for unlocking a companion. For example, when you insert an id number 4, you unlock Nyoka. You will be provided by the list of IDs and their companion names.

• PerkPointsAdd – When you toggle this command, you get to add the amount of perk points to the character you have chosen

• SetLevel – It allows you to set the level you want f to anything. Besides, it also adds skill and perk points for different levels

• SetArmorLevel 1 – It allows you to set a level of equipped armor of your choice

• AddItemDebug 1 – Sometimes, while playing the game, you might need to add inventories in the items. The game gives you an opportunity to do so with the aid of this command. You can add a specific item to your inventory. For example, when you insert the item id of 0406, you will code to add relay on access codes. All you need to do is to insert the code number of the item.

• RpgStatAddModifierDebug – This command adds value to the characters’ given stat. The number that you insert in the blank space should be a float or in a lay man’s language, a number with a decimal point.

• RpgStatRemoveModifierDebug – This command is helpful in the removal of any additional modifiers added through the AddModifierDebug command for a given stat.

• Pause- When you will start playing the game, you will need to pause at one instance for one reason or another. This command is helpful to make you pause the game where it has reached so that when you resume playing you start from the point where you left

• SetLevel- The fun behind playing this game is when the game poses some challenging missions and combats to you. This will make you stay glued and addicted to the game as you strive to conquer the levels. This command will help you to increase the level of perks of your characters. You can also increase the strength and abilities of the protagonist.


The mentioned above are the current available console commands for the Mass Effect game. More console commands are expected to be added in the future if the game undergoes advancement and some improvements.

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