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All Kenshi Console Commands 2021

Posted on the 13 December 2020 by Ssghtc001

Kenshi is a fun game staged in a post-apocalyptic environment. The game may look easy from its overview, but it can be challenging when you get into it, even if for experienced players. The game has got several console commands that you need to master if you want to enjoy several scenes in the jungle, make use of a variety of weapons, apply killer tactics, and win in every battle.

The game will dump your character in a very hostile post-apocalyptic world environment where they should find a way of living and build an empire for themselves. There are some console command cheats that will help you get into the game and come out victorious.

Disadvantaged or advantaged start.

You must get a guide based on the game starter constructions. Gathering necessary skills based on this trickier cheat is very important before you begin your game. To go about this, you can open the FCS, create your new mode and duplicate while modifying your characters by offering them strong, powerful, and reliable gears, and create your custom squad.

Deploying this trick during your game start will make you end up with a very powerful team with outstanding gear. You will be surprised to begin as a mere escaped slave but take the battle by storm.

They won’t know what hit em.

Sometimes you can be attacked by a very powerful squad, and it can be difficult for you to take them down. Here is a cheat that will allow you to take them down instantly. The trick resembles the cheat that brings people back to life.

What you can do here is to open FCS, load your progress save, search for your target group, go to the medical state, and activate the death value. Remember to set flesh value to zero when setting the medical state (Failure to do this, your rivals will come back to life ready to fight again.). When you resume your game, the manipulated NPCs will be brought down instantly, and they will all drop to the ground.

Raise the dead.

In case you feel your favorite recruit died in an unfair death, you can still proceed and bring them back to life.

This cheat allows you to bring back any dead character to live and go on with your cohort.

Do this by simply opening the FCS, check for the character’s name on your saves, open the medical state and set the death value to false, set the flesh value to maximum, set the rig, stun, wear and bandage value to zero.

Upon loading your game, your character will appear in its healthy state. Do not forget to set the flesh value to the maximum since your character may appear, then fall down and die instantly.

Unlimited Money.

If you don’t want to learn mods and you sometimes want to save yourself, you can find this most common mode on the Steam workshop. This is an easy cheat that can earn you control over what you get.

You can easily create the cheat by opening the FCS, go to the change list, and open your saves. Look for the camera and edit the player’s monetary value to any figure you want. Don’t be greedy by giving yourself billions. There is a reason why the game developer placed these files under the camera.

Instant Buddies.

While in the game, you can easily create enmity or friendship with various factions. You can shoot while in your nonhuman state, especially when you’re already a member of the Holy Nation’s Blacklist, or you can do it in human form. There are so many ways you can create great relationships or enmity with various factions.

To go about this, you need to open the FCS, from your quick-save files, search for your desired faction and find the relationships. Look for the number next to the relationship SID and then note it down, and you can now back up your list with your favorite number value. Find the one having the same number then alter the value using numbers from -100 to 100. This will determine the game factions if they are going to be the enemies of your biggest fans.

Infinite backpack space.

This is a very basic and easy trick. The cheat is very useful since creating a backpack allows you to carry along with an infinite amount of items.

To go about this, you can modify a character that already has a bag, or you can find it within the game. The cheat can enhance trading, stealing, and looting easier since you have and extra gear to store your stolen goods.

You can do this by simply opening the FCS, create an additional mode for the items, select packs, pick the bag you want and then alter the Stackable Bonus range from minimum to maximum value the save the changes.

Instant mastery.

This is a very basic cheat that you must deploy during your game progress. The cheat sets you free from the need to train or do several practices and skills. In addition, it provides your character with the ability to run at its maximum speed. It won’t make the character invisible as they will still fight normally with an enemy.

To activate this, you need to open the FCS, retrieve your saves, look for your character’s name, identify the desired stats, a change its value to the level you want. You should note that any level figure above 100 is not desirable.

God Mode.

God mode is a cheat that is common in almost all games, but I assure you that you would get it easy with this one. The only way you can arrive at this is just giving your character invisibility. You can arrive at this by downloading a mod referred to as Zatoichi, The Last Samurai.

God mode provides your character with a very high heath regeneration rate of 40 per second. The player will be very strong and faster while taking long to starve. The only issue is that the character is restricted to a single race.

Not So Rare.

Here you will find high-end weapons meant for high-level bosses. These weapons are very rare, and you will find just a few in the entire game—the likes of Meitou, from renowned weaponsmith Cross.

If you want unlimited access to these weapons, you can implement the import save cheat. All you need to do is kill Meitou Katana and store the weapons in your base, and then start a new game and import your saves. You will realize that Katana is in your base while your enemy is alive, but now you have the weapons with you, and the enemy also has the same.

Double learning rate.

The cheat can be done perfectly with FCS files; it also has several mods that can be used to achieve. All you need to do is find your character’s race, (since this is a global game) and then find the XP stat values and use multipliers to modify them.

After these settings, you will be surprised at how fast it takes to train skills. By using the FCS routes, your character is able to receive NPCs of their respective race because of the same XP boost.

Hang into the past.

This is one of the easiest cheats on the list. It is the best cheat for starting out, but remember before you deploy the cheat, you need to ensure that you’ve built a very strong base, a good collection of gears, and a decent squad.

To do this, you simply need to you need to import your old saves into your new game. You will be able to utilize your previous squad and everything that you’ve set in place in your new game. It an easy thing to go about, and it doesn’t require much hassle.

Longer mercenary contract.

Mercenary contact is a cheat that all game players consider as a basic trick to overcome the opponent. It allows an extra time after which the contract will expire and thus giving you a chance to fulfill your mission.

Keeping longer mercenary contact also makes the entire game easier and will make you enjoy the mission and complete your contract at a leisurely pace.

256 squad.

256 is a very dependable and popular squad. This is a team of 256 recruits comprising 30 members of your squad. With all these teams, you can turn out and engage in other profitable activities such as manufacturing, crafting, farming, mining, or engineering.

With this team, you can still perform all your duties, along with your sizable army, leveraging the mission. You are able to deploy various tricks during an enemy attack, and any threat coming on your way is no business since you have your squad with you everywhere.

Claim towns.

Claim towns come with a “take over the world” mode that allows you to overcome your opponents and conquer several towns, own them and use them the way you want. The cheat allows you to use you, soldiers, in removing any nearby threat or a problematic faction in your way.

The mod will allow you to acquire a functional base for your operation within the town without spending any of your resources. You are required to acquire shops, walls, and general infrastructure to be used by your army. All these properties should be acquired during the battle for free. While in your operation, a couple of the neighborhood will join the raid, and you will be in a safe position to accomplish your mission.

Remove hunger.

When beginning your game, the hanger can be one of the risky emotions during the battle. Dealing with a hanger at the start is not easy, but here, you are provided with an FCS editor to aid in reconstructing your mood and overcoming hunger.

You need to go to your save file, check for your character’s details, and explore its medical state. You will find a range from 0-3, and this represents the 300 hangers in-game. Also, you need to alter the game NU value representing 100 NU (hunger generation) in a single value.

Final thought.

Learning all these commands, tricks, and cheats in Kenshi post-apocalyptic game, will enhance your new gaming experience and take your expertise to another level. Kenshi is a very interesting game to play if you are a fun of the jungle. The game sounds real if you have every tool and tricks with you. Mastering all the console commands is for your advantage. It is a wise thing to learn commands before you rush into gaming since you might get discouraged, especially when you find yourself loosing every battle. The above list provided you with all basic and advanced console commands, but you can still do some research on the use of other extra mods.

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