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All Contained!

By Slvintage @SLVintage

All Contained!

The good old days

My neighbor just invited me to a Tupperware party.  This might seem like an old fashioned notion, but these theme events are definitely on the rise again.

All Contained!
FridgeSmart® Containers

I have been to this friend's house on many occasions to say hooray to plastic.  Tupperwear has come a long way since its humble beginnings.  In 1942, Earl Tupper, a chemist for Du Pont, invented a new type of plastic called polyethylene.  He started with multi-coloured bathroom drinking glasses.  However he quickly evolved to the famous containers with lids. Tupper wasn't content to stop there.  Soon enough he partnered up with distributors and Stanley Home Products to sell his wares via the home party plan.  The rest they say is history that's still going strong.

All Contained!

I like my neighbour's parties as she always has the good cheeses and wines.  Her tables are meticulously presented and I can just saunter over for a bit of fun.  Tupperware has come a long way though from its humble beginnings.  Plastics have been revolutionised to be BPA free with amazing innovations that can keep delicate fresh mushrooms looking fresh for a week! 
They've expanded into cookware, kitchen gadgets, as well as a myriad of containers for every use you can think of for your home.

All Contained!

Tori and Dean enjoying the Tupperware party

The home party concept is also very popular these days.  I went to a jewelry gathering recently.  I have also organized a cosmetics/skincare party for a good friend.  Host(esses) are usually generously rewarded and it's so much more personal and cosy to meet in a friend's home rather than a stuffy meeting room or retail store. It's also a great way to meet new people.
We're really shying away from the evils of plastic these days.  But I do love the idea of a fun home party and Tupperware has done well to keep up with the times.  So keep your ears open for your own invitation.

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