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Alexander Skarsgard Tells MTV Chris Meloni Is Hot

Posted on the 15 February 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

MTV News recently caught up with “Battleship“ director Peter Berg and the film’s leading man Alexander Skarsgård! In the interview, Alex revealed how hot he thinks Chris Meloni is – plus Peter Berg shares the reasons why he cast Alex in “Battleship”!

Watch the video below!

Please note: Unfortunately, this video is only playable in the US, so not everyone will be able to watch it. But don’t worry, we’ve quoted MTV on what was said!

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Alexander Skarsgard Tells MTV Chris Meloni Is Hot

This is what they said over at MTV…

“I was a fan of ‘True Blood’ [and] all the girls in the office stormed my office and demanded that we cast him,” Peter said of offering the role to the Swede. Of course, with the topic of “True Blood” on the table, I had to ask Alex for any and all hints about the upcoming season, set to debut this summer.

According to the hunk, the cast is currently filming episode four of the fifth season, and if you’ve been following casting announcements, you know a brand-new big-bad will storm Bon Temps this season: “Law & Order: SVU” star Christopher Meloni.

“He’s really, really good,” Alex enthused of new co-star Chris. “And a great guy.” As to whether we’ll be seeing the newbie predominately shirtless, Alex would only say, “Maybe, maybe not,” cheekily adding, “He’s so hot.”

Peter Berg also revealed he cast Alex in Battleship because of the car he drives;

Peter: “…when I met him my son was there. He got out of his Audi R8. That’s my son’s dream car and my son just stood there with his jaw open staring first at him and then at his car.  And he said, ‘Dad, it’s non-negotiable. Alex is in the movie.’”

As usual, Alex is being coy about anything to do with the new season.

Love how the girls in Peter Berg’s office and his son pressured him into casting Alex! Hahaha…

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