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Alex Engstrom: All Over Again

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow


Alexander Engström is from Sweden creates house music under the name “Alex Engstrom”. She has not released any music for the last two years as she has been furiously working away on her new album, “All Over Again” which is now complete! Her songs are energetic, filled with life, pop style vocal melodies, dance beats, and great production. Her production work began 9 years ago with hip hop music but the last four she has been dedicated to producing house music. The tracks on her new record are all synth and sample based, but Alex is also a pianist. Her arrangements on the new album bring together a seamless wave of upbeat complexity into soft and delicate breakdowns. The songs crescendo into a musical waterfall of glory and if it doesn’t make you want to dance, you might need to visit a doctor.  You can hear her album preview below:

Alex Engstrom: All Over Again

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