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AKA Jam Vs. Daddy’s Home for the Bottom Two of X Factor Philippines??? SERIOUSLY???????

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
AKA Jam vs. Daddy’s Home for the bottom two of X Factor Philippines???  SERIOUSLY??????? AKA Jam vs. Daddy’s Home for the bottom two of X Factor Philippines???  SERIOUSLY???????
Tell me this is a bad dream.  There must’ve been some mistake.
Seriously, I can’t believe what I have just seen.  The two best performers in The X Factor Philippines had to fight to survive elimination tonight.  AKA Jam and Daddy’s Home in the bottom two?  And AKA Jam was eliminated?  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?? 
They are two of the very best in the show!  Not in a million years would I imagine either AKA Jam or Daddy’s Home anywhere near the bottom two this early in the game.  Heck, if you ask me they should be going at it in the Finals (or at least one of them against KZ). 
In fact, when they sang their survival songs, it really felt like it was the finals of the show.  They were so much better than the guys who got in.  I mean, really, what’s Kedebon still doing in the show?  Allen didn’t have her best night either, and neither did that young guy in Martin’s team (sorry, forgot the name; he never struck me as super impressive so I never bothered to learn it)
After watching such a controversial decision, I can only think of two scenarios:
1.   The usually music loving, and musically gifted, Filipino population had some serious screws loose and made huge lapses in judgment when they casted their votes.
2.   Or there must be some conspiracy theory like, oh, I dunno, some studio execs decided to rig the results to make it a more “interesting” show.
But one thing’s for sure: there’s gonna be some mighty big reactions from what just happened.   I mean, my blog is about parenting, marriage, and Christian ministry, so it must take a lot to make me deviate from my type of articles to write about this (such as the Osang phenomenon earlier in the show, which is my other blog article about The X Factor Philippines).  And I’m sure I’ll be joined by many.
Heck, the shocked look on Gary V’s face said it all.  It truly said it all.
Oh, and for the record, out of the two survival song performances, I felt that AKA Jam’s was a hair better.  I can’t blame Gary V for deciding on a deadlock, though.  There’s no way I could choose between two in the tribe, especially knowing that Gary V truly and genuinely pours his heart to other people.
I think I’m gonna run to the convenience store real quick and munch down a Magnum before I could call it a night.  I need some comfort food.
But before I do that, here’s some videos of AKA Jam’s past performances.  They truly were my pick to win this thing.

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posted on 02 September at 09:08
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seriously? all you need to do is vote to keep them alive :)