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A.J. Burnett Signed Back With the Pirates

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
@BrinkPG 2m2 minutes ago
#Pirates announce they've signed RHP A.J. Burnett on a one-year deal. Yes, that A.J. Burnett.
I don't like this at all. I was hoping for something like a Liriano-Masterson combination to give our rotation some upside. Burnett is nothing more than a 3-4 pitcher with no upside right now.
Not liking this much either. He brings more off the field than he does on the field but we can't afford that. Heck, I'd rather use that money to sign Martin which is infinitely more important. Let's play some of our young guys instead of AJ. Cheaper and more upside.
Bet Gretchen is wetting her pants now. A.J. Burnett Signed Back With the Pirates
According to the Twitter machine this is for 1 yr/$8.5 Million which is a steal.
Also Burnett said on Twitter that he approached the Pirates right after his hernia surgery/end of the World Series.
I'm ok with this as a way to bring a little stability to the rotation. My expectations are for him to pitch all of his starts, and to be an average 4th starter or above average 5th starter. I would rather see AJ than another reclamation project. I do think that we will probably still see a reclamation project, but lets try and keep that to a minimum.

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