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Air Force One (1997)

By Newguy

forceDirector: Wolfgang Petersen

Writer: Andrew W. Marlowe (Screenplay)

Starring: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Wendy Crewson, Liesel Matthews, Paul Guilfoyle, Xander Berkeley, William H Macy, Dean Stockwell, Tom Everett

Plot: Hijackers seize the plane carrying the President of the United States and his family, but he – an ex-soldier – works from hiding to defeat them.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Pulse Pounding Action Flick

Story: Air Force One starts as we see President James Marshall (Ford) having a proud moment after capturing a terrorist leader and coming out with how he wants to take on Congress. Returning home on Air Force One President Marshall finds his plane hijacked by Ivan Korshunov (Oldman) who wants the recently captured terrorist released.

Once in control of Air Force One Ivan uses the President’s wife Grace (Crewson) and daughter Alice (Matthews) as leverage to push the President into breaking his no negotiations with terrorist’s stance, as he uses his combat skills to take out the terrorists himself from on board. The Vice President Kathryn Bennett (Close) has to control things from the ground potentially having to make the biggest decisions.

Air Force One gave us an action film unlike anything we had seen before because this time the action hero was none other than the President himself and yes I know we did get a strong leader in Independence Day but this time he was the star of the show. We get to see how the President will handle the action pressure as well as the big decisions. Another great part of this film is that we get to see the traitor from the start and always wonder what their next move will be. When we see action films we like to cheer for the guy who is against the odds and this gives us that and plenty more as we watch a nation wait for the news of his safety.

Actor Review

Harrison Ford: President James Marshall is a medal of honor winning soldier who has bought in a new no negotiation with terrorist stance. He finds his Air Force One under hijack where instead of escaping like procedure he takes a stand as he tries to take out the men taking over the plane. James is one of the best action Presidents in film history instead of being just a by the book nice guy. Harrison is brilliant in this role where he gets to show a new line of stunt work to go with a strong leader and action star.


Gary Oldman: Ivan Korshunov is the extremist terrorist who has taken over Air Force One, he will kill any hostages to get what he wants which is one extremist leader to be released from prison. Ivan is one of the most memorable villains of the 90s because he is ruthless to the core. Gary is brilliant in this role showing he can play any character.


Glenn Close: Vice President Kathryn Bennett has to make the decisions back in America as she is left helpless with the hijack of Air Force One. She must deal with all the diplomatic decisions as well as helping her President and innocent people on board the plane. Glenn is great in this role showing how difficult the side of this story is away from the action.


Wendy Crewson: Grace Marshall is the wife of the President who is on Air Force One, she becomes the leverage for Ivan to get what he wants. Wendy is good even if the character isn’t given the true screen time needed.

Support Cast: Air Force One has a big supporting cast that is filled with known names in the business who all help the story unfold with their different acts of bravery and betray.

Director Review: Wolfgang PetersenWolfgang gives us one of the best action films from the 90s that also gives us glimpses of political decision being made.

Action: Air Force One has plenty of action being most of the President taking on the terrorists.

Adventure: Air Force One works for the adventure side of story trying to save the day.

Thriller: Air Force One keeps us on the edge from the moment that Air Force One is hijack until the end credits.

Settings: Air Force One keeps the settings on both Air Force One and White House as the decisions get made for the good of the country.
Special Effects
: Air Force One has good effects for the time but have started to date now.

Suggestion: Air Force One is one for all the action junkies to enjoy. (Action Fans Watch)

Best Part: Parachute escape.

Worst Part: Political side gets slightly annoying.

Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Con Air, The Rock

Oscar Chances: Nominated for Best Sound and Film Editing

Box Office: $172 Million

Budget: $85 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours 4 Minutes

Tagline: Harrison Ford is the President of the United States.

Overall: Brilliant action film that keeps us on edge from start to finish.



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