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After the Video That Got People Talking

By Kayla @kaymars

It was a week ago today that I posted a video about things you’ll never hear a School Counselor say.

It was just a little video. It was just for fun, and self-care, and to release some pent up sarcasm.

I honestly never expected it to be viewed almost two thousand times in one week. I never expected hundreds of School Counselors to reach out to me in gratitude, appreciation, and “Oh my god, you get it! Thanks for saying what I think in my head all the time!”

I also never expected to offend anyone.

But all of those things happened.

When I made the video, I thought some of my followers would view it, find it funny, and maybe share it with a few of their School Counselor friends who could use the laugh. It was made by a counselor for counselors. Only we really understand our role, right? I didn’t think others would even be interested in watching it.

Well, it was shared by more than just counselors. And before I knew it, teachers and others in education were watching it, sharing it, and commenting about how awesome the idea was. The video also made it’s way to the screens of colleagues at my school. Of course I knew this was a possibility, knowing full well the power of social media. But I worried if they’d take it personally and take it out of context. Some did. Some didn’t.

But do I regret putting myself out there, taking a risk, and being sort of goofy for the camera and for others who desperately needed the laugh? Not at all.

I talked to my husband about all of this and he showed me a controversial YouTube channel creator’s video in which he talks about “dealing with the haters” on social media. He said that no matter what you put out there, 90% of people will like it, 10% will hate it. No matter what. He also says not to limit yourself for that 10% because you shouldn’t let them ruin it for the rest. Will you have to deal with some negative comments, disagreeable people, offended people? Probably.

What I know is that the community of School Counselors certainly needed that video. They felt heard and validated. The proof is in the number of views and supportive comments. And the rest who didn’t like it? Well, they’re the same people who will probably take offense to this post too.

What do I say to that? Make your own video! Come up with things you’d never say in your job and then say them! For me, it was the best self-care I’ve done in years. Put it out there! We might even have a better understanding of everybody’s jobs if they did.

As for me, I’ve already gotten requests for a part two! ;)

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