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After DOMA Decision Where Are Gay’s Heading?

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Told ya the other day they will be looking for Fraaank and Da Cheeep Chicken.

The Next Stop For The Gay Left

JUNE 27, 2013 BY 

The Left doesn’t actually like or revere our Constitution. They only shout its praises when they’re able to defeat it in the courts or on our streets. Yesterday, the Gay Left loved the Constitution because they were able to get the cowardly Justice Kennedy to join their four saboteurs in ruling that marriage cannot be defined by the citizens of America, but must be defined by Washington’s cocktail party set.

The meaning of the Supreme Court’s rulings on California’s gay marriage ban and the federal DOMA is as yet unclear, but they were certainly victories for our enemies. Do these rulings mean gay “marriage” for everyone in any state, or just in California? Do they overturn the law in the 34 states now prohibiting gay “marriage”? That’s unclear, but they surely add strength to the gay “marriage” movement where it is already legal. New York is one of those states.

It’s a safe bet that at some point soon, a pair of gay men or lesbians will be knocking at Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s door to dictate the arrangements for the “Big Church wedding we have always dreamed of” at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cardinal will politely decline the demand, and the happy couple will walk down 5thAvenue to the nearest office of the ACLU to bring a lawsuit against the “taxpayer” supported Catholic Archdiocese of New York for discriminating against them.

All the decades of lying down with the evil sick Democrats will come back to haunt the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. The courts will be asked to determine whether the Catholic Church or any other tax-exempt religious organization can continue in its tax to enjoy that status if it chooses to violate the “civil rights” of gays and lesbians by denying their demands for a Church wedding.

The evil Democrats and their supporters will never stop attacking us. They are desperate to win every victory they can before we awake to the danger they represent to America.

If we sit and do nothing, these cases will crush our liberties and destroy our religious organizations.

I ask fellow Catholics and all others who understand what is happening to stand and fight these people. Don’t give in. Don’t stop fighting. St. Patrick’s Cathedral may be their first stop, but it won’t be their last.


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