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African Americans In Howard County 2014 General Election Endorsements

By Urbanbushwoman @urbanbushwoman9

Once again the ever-so-wise African-Americans In Howard County Coalition has entrusted me with their official list of endorsements for the general election. And I promised them , in return, that I would publish it without personal commentary. So here it is: their official list of the candidates they endorse in this election. I also took pictures of how the ballot would look with their picks checked off.

Voting Tip: You can take your specimen (sample) ballot with you to the polls if you want. It’s totally legal. :)

EARLY VOTING October 23-30 • Election Day November 4  #hocopolitics

African Americans in Howard County


2014 GENERAL Election Endorsements Ballot

October 16, 2014


Howard County Board of Education

  • BEAMS, Zaneb K.
  • FRENCH, Sandra H.
  • O’CONNOR, Christine
  • SMITH, Mike


Howard County Council

  • WEINSTEIN, Jon    (D)     (District 1)
  • BALL, Calvin     (D)     (District 2)
  • TERRASA, Jen    (D)     (District 3)
  • SIGATY, Mary Kay     (D)   (District 4)
  • FOX, Greg     (R)   (District 5)


Howard County Executive

  • WATSON, Courtney   (D)


Maryland Governor/Lt. Governor

  • BROWN, Anthony—ULMAN, Ken (D)


Maryland Attorney General

  • FROSH, Brian (D)


  1. S. Congressional Race

   –   RUPPERSBERGER, C. A. Dutch (D), Congressional District 2

   –   SARBANES, John (D), Congressional District 3

   –   CUMMINGS, Elijah (D), Congressional District 7


General Assembly/State Legislative Districts


  • District 9
    • FREDERICK, Ryan Democrat (for Senate)


  • District 9A
    • CARSON, Walter E.   Democrat (for Delegate)
    • MORROW, James Ward   Democrat (for Delegate)


  • District 9B
    • COALE, Tom,       Democrat (for (Delegate)



  • District 12
    • KASEMEYER, Edward, Democrat ( for Senate)



  • District 12 (Vote for 3)
    • HILL, Terri L.,    Democrat, (for Delegate)
    • LAM, Clarence K.,      “
    • EBERSOLE, Eric    “  


  • District 13
    • GUZZONE, Guy J.    Democrat, (for Senator)


  • District 13 (Vote for 3)
    • ATTERBEARY, Vanessa   Democrat, (for Delegate)
    • PENDERGRASS, Shane      “      “
    • TURNER, Frank S.      “      “


State’s Attorney

  • BROCCOLINO, Dario Joseph,     Democrat


   Clerk of the Court

  • ROBEY, Wayne,          Democrat


   Register of Wills

o   MACFARLANE, Byron      Democrat


   Judge of the Orphans’ Court

  • DODD, Anne L.       Democrat
  • TURNER, Leslie Smith    Democrat


      o FITZGERALD, James          Democrat



Page one- Governor, Attorney General, Congressional Rep for District 17


Page Four- Board of Ed Candidates


Page two-State Senator District 9, House of Delegates District 9B, County, County Executive


Page three- State’s Attorney, Register of Wills, Judge of the Orphan Court, Sheriff


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