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AEM Groovy Oak Query RuntimeNodeTraversalException Solution

Posted on the 28 September 2020 by Pro Webguru @prowebguru

Are you getting "org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.query.RuntimeNodeTraversalException: The query read or traversed more than 100000 nodes. To avoid affecting other tasks, processing was stopped." Error in Groovy Console in AEM ?

Recently while working locally on one of the Groovy Script to get all properties from AEM JCR repository, I got max node traversal error and my groovy script's execution was stopped.

By default, AEM has 100000 node traversal limit. Which is quite big. But there are sometimes scenarios, where you would like to test something on local, which requires more node traversal.

In my case, on my local AEM instance I wanted to find all property names, where a particular value is present.

To fix node traversal issue in AEM Groovy Script on local, visit AEM Configuration Manager at http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr

Then search for " Apache Jackrabbit Query Engine Settings Service ". And click on that. You will see something like shown below.

AEM Groovy Oak Query RuntimeNodeTraversalException Solution
Solution to AEM Groovy Script RuntimeNodeTraversalException

In above screenshot, In the " In memory read limit" section, increase limit by changing value temporarily. Just add one more Zero at the end and save. Then try running your Groovy Script again. If it works, then its good, else just increase limit.

Once script execution is done, don't forget to revert it back to 100000. Its always better to keep standard configuration intact.

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