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Adventures in Minimalism - De-clutter Your Wardrobe!

By Oppositeofnormal @oppositeonormal
So, after spending some time on my Kindle a month or so ago, wandering aimlessly through the Amazon bookstore I decided to type in frugal living. As you all know, I am a single mom on a tight budget so I figured that would be some good reading! I know, it's no Hunger Games, but it works.
I downloaded a few sample books on minimalism and got to work with my notebook and pen in my lap. (Yes, this actually relaxes me!) I learned quite a bit from the books I read!
The next day I spent about 4 hours going through every scrap of my clothing. I tried everything on if I couldn't remember if it fit, and managed to fill 3 black trash bags full of stuff that I didn't need anymore. It felt liberating, and now it takes me very little time to pick out what I need to wear!

Adventures in Minimalism - De-clutter your wardrobe!

Starting disaster.

My Method of Attack:
  1. The "Hell No" pile! This was the pile set for immediate recycling as rags for housecleaning, or was not fit for human wear anymore. 
  2. The "Maybe" pile. This is the pile that when all of the dust had settled from my furious rampage through my wardrobe was stuff that I wanted to keep but needed to make sure still fit and looked good. About 2/3 of this pile ended up in the next pile. 
  3. The "Give It Up!" pile. Self explanitory! See more below for what happened or will happen with this pile.
  4. The "Upcycling" pile. This is the pile used for items that I wanted to try DIY modifications on to see if I could make it wearable again, or clothes that were destined to become a rag rug. 

What to get rid of! Seriously, get rid of this stuff! 
  • If it doesn't fit! Do not keep a "skinny" or "fat" box, UNLESS you have spent a LOT of money on the clothes and KNOW FOR SURE that they will fit you again. It was amazing how many outfits and clothing items I had kept that I adored but just did not fit me anymore!
  • If you like it but it looks like crap on you! I had a few items that I love to wear, but I had to be brutally honest with myself. I may like them, but they look bad on me. I know it's hard to do this, but just let go! (You can do it!)
  • Anything with stains, tears (unless you are into that sort of thing) or needs to be mended (ain't nobody got time for that!) and you know damn well you will never take the time to mend the item. Trust me, now is the time for brutal honesty!
  • Anything that you haven't worn in a year. If it has been in your closet for a year, and you have not worn it, you likely never will. Get rid of it!

Adventures in Minimalism - De-clutter your wardrobe!

GORGEOUS! So much easier to put away clothes and find what you need! Don't you feel better now?

What to do with the "Give It Up!" pile!
  • Yard Sale! Once you are done minimalising your home you will have a crap-ton of stuff to get rid of! Perfect! Stash this in the garage for now!
  • Sell to consignment stores! Obviously only good quality items in good condition! Clean and press (if needed) these items before you take them in. 
  • Clothing swap! Have a clothing swap with your friends or female family members. This is a great plan for a get together and a lot of fun! Don't forget the wine!
Good luck and have fun with this! You would be surprised at how much unnecessary clothing you have laying around that you never wear and is just taking up space! This is a great way to simplify your morning routine also!

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