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Adjusting to Life in Nova

By Earthseamama @earthseamama

It's almost been a couple of weeks since we moved and my Fiance made his cross county drive safe and sound! We are staying with my Fiances parent's until he gets a job and we rent or buy a home. We are still in the process of getting settled in here trying to sort things and decide what needs to be stored and what we need right now. It is not an easy task but with family around to help it is easier :)

My Mother saw my wedding dress for the first time in person today...she had only seen pics online before. We will be going to have it altered soon because it is at least three sizes too big lol...better than being to small I suppose! I am getting very excited about all the wedding stuff now that I am seeing it all come together. I saw the location for the first time ths weekend and have been discussing various wedding ideas with My Mother and Future Mother In Law :)

Life has been very busy these past few weeks and I have yet to find the time to return to my regular postings but I thought I would give you all a quick update and share a cute pic of Baby F eating cake lol.

Adjusting to life in Nova

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