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Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!

By Immydog
After eight years, Addie was going back to her puppyhood home after no one came to claim her as their own.  While she may not be aware of the wonder of this situation, I certainly was, and I was hopeful that the reunion and transition back into her home would be pleasant and smooth for everyone involved.
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Addie's parents and I arranged to meet up in Coralville Iowa, in a Walmart parking lot.  We would drive two and half hours, and they would drive three and a half hours.  We exchanged descriptions of our vehicles so we would easily recognize each other once we were at the meeting point.  We were all very excited.  One of my Veterinary Assistants, Kassy, came along for the reunion ride.
The drive was terrible.  It went smoothly, but the wind was horrific and blew the van all over the highway.  For a day in April it was bitterly cold.  Addie was very well behaved riding in the car, but I didn't expect any less from her.  She enjoyed looking out the window from behind my seat. 
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!
We stopped for gas and a poochie potty break, and while I took a few moments to shoot this photo of Kassy walking Addie, I ran straight back to the shelter of the van from the wind after I took it.  While I sat in the comfort of the van, Kassy was very brave (and very cold), giving Addie enough time to do her business. 
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!
We finally arrived at our destination.  On a nice day, we would have sat in the grass with Addie, but considering this weather, let's just say "Forget about it".  The wind continued, there was no sun, and neither Kassy nor myself brought a coat worthy of this weather, after all, it was April.  We waited in the car after another quick poochie potty break.  I was nervous and excited.  I was nervous because there were still many unanswered questions.  How would Cody and Addie get along with each other?  What if Addie did not seem comfortable with them?  What if the people that I liked after speaking with them over the phone, were not as "nice" in person?  And most of all, what if I cried?!
Suddenly I noticed a vehicle to the right of us and in the passenger seat is a woman pleasantly and excitedly waving at us.  I knew it was them.  Cody came bounding out of the car, and her parents soon followed.  The time has come, and out came the video camera.  While I recorded, Kassy brought Addie out of the van. 
Reunion video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eKKqjg2oyg
Addie's new old Mom, Caroline, cried while her husband, Tim, seemed to hold it together.  I was able to concentrate on the "motion picture" (made even more so because of the wind), so while I was emotional, I did not cry, at least not at first. 
The dogs seemed to enjoy each other's company.  That was reassuring.  We decided to climb into their car and discuss Addie's story.  Caroline told me that her father passed away two months ago, and she believed this reunion was his way of saying things were going to be okay.  That is when my tears came.  I am so happy that Caroline's Dad reached down to Addie and told her to go home.
Caroline and Tim shared Addie's puppy photos with me and we talked about the past, and the lessons that this experience has taught them.  They understand much more now, than they did eight years ago about the origins of pet store puppies.  Hindsight has given them 20/20 vision.  While this family has been given a second chance with a dog they loved, not everyone is so lucky.  A simple microchip made this reunion possible. 
While these kids enjoyed Addie's puppyhood, they missed out on eight years of Addie's life.
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!
Fortunately, these young adults have an opportunity to cherish Addie's "retirement" years, and perhaps educate people by sharing Addie's story and relaying the truth about pet store puppies, and the importance of microchipping your pet.
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!
So, how are Addie and Cody doing now?
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!
While Cody's nose is slightly bent out of shape having a "new" dog around...
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!She is willing to share her home...
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!And her fireplace...
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!And her people...
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!And her treats...
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!And her Easter Romp in the rain...
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!While they won't openly admit to loving each other...
Addie Reunited With Family After 8 Years!The truth shows in little ways...
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