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Add Line Break in PDF Generated from HTML Without Fix Width

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Akahgy


By creating a PDF from HTML if you use tables and you want the table cells to flow easily not depending on the width of a specific cell, a long text is not broken into multiple lines, but the cell is pushed until the end of the page, destroying the layout or overlapping with another cell.


The first solution is to use max-width, which in theory would work, just that most of the PDF converters discard this property. Use of width is also not a solution, as the layout will look bad for a short text inside the cell.

The solution is to first calculate the length of the string, and for a longer one (whatever this means for each requirement) we can add a fix width css class :

<td class=”<?php echo (strlen($title) > 100) ? ‘long_title’ :   ‘short_title’ ?>”>
<?php echo $title; ?>

Then create the style class .long_title :

.long_title {
width: 250px;


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