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Adam Gilbert’s Soulful Music

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow
Adam Gilbert’s Soulful Music Adam Gilbert’s Soulful Music Adam Gilbert’s Soulful Music

Adam Gilbert is a musician that writes heartfelt ballads with a bit of an indie rock show tune undertone. He plays with a band that includes musicians, Adam (piano and vocals, producer, writer, engineer) Brian Prokop (drummer) Mark Stewart (bass) Sean O’flynn (guitar). On his current work, “A Generation of Forgotten Kings,” his arrangements are lush and his piano playing is rhythmic, elegant, and practiced. His voice is powerful and sombre, and his lyrics emulate his tone perfectly. “A Generation of Forgotten Kings” is a collection of songs dedicated to the underbelly of soul and the inner depth of feeling.  Adam is a graduate of University of Miami (2004), a New Jersey native, and has been active as a piano-based singer-songwriter, producer, and music director, since his graduation. You can find his music on Pandora, iTunes, and his website below.

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