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Ad: Blackhead Vacuum Kickstarter

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow

Hello, from time to time we post ads to keep SSR funded. Here is one. You can support this project on kickstarter here. 

Ad: Blackhead Vacuum Kickstarter Ad: Blackhead Vacuum Kickstarter

This is the first Blackheads Vaccum in the world that will revolutionize the cosmetic, facial cleanliness and to fashion itself.

What we are introducing now, will revolutionize the cosmetic, facial cleanliness and to fashion itself, due to the fact that it is the first  blackheads vacuum, this new invention  undoubtedly will leave out  oldfashioned  and unhygienic methods to extract them like  tweezers, patches, creams or  even fingers; this modern invention  can even anticipate when they are becoming infected.

We can finally solve the big problem of blackheads in  faces which even though there has been many methods to solve this problem  noone has been successful so far.

• Half of the funding goes to the production of the invention,  the  fourth part of the founding covers  the  design and transport cost, the remaining 25% is to cover the certification costs, advertising and commissions.

The Impact

• Currently there is no a hygienic method that eliminates  face blackheads.

• Tweezers, creams, special soaps, patches and  beauty saloons where your face is   tightened  with fingers, will be part of the past.

• This blackhead vacuum is so hyhenic that  extracts  pus or dirth directly from the pore with no risk.

Ad: Blackhead Vacuum Kickstarter

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