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A.D. 2010: Zibniew Brzezinski “It is Infinitely Easier to Kill 1 Million People Than It is to Control Them.”

Posted on the 22 May 2014 by Adask

Even though this video clip is four years old, it offers much insight into global and national interests, politics, and loss of governmental control over the media and therefore over the minds of the people.

There’s far more in this brief video than his comment that “it’s now easier to kill 1 million people than it is to control them.”  That comment is certainly sensational, but I believe he was making an observation rather than a recommendation.  I don’t think he’s using that comment to advocate mass murder.  I think he’s using that comment to illustrate how, thanks to the internet, governments around the world have lost their ability to “control” the opinions held by their citizens.

Don’t be fooled by Brzezinski’s evil appearance.  I’m not here to argue that he is or isn’t “evil”.  But I am here to say that he’s an almost astonishingly brilliant man whose ability to write and communicate are remarkable.  Almost every phrase in Brzezinski’s brief speech offers significant insight.  Brzezinski distilled more information and implication into the following 7 minute video than most people can communicate in an hour.

Don’t be blinded by his most sensational comments.  Some of his less sensational comments may be more profound.

Brzezinski’s essential point is that governments everywhere are losing control.

video   00:07:50

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