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Act Of Kindness

By Earthseamama @earthseamama

Random post tonight! I was cleaning out the kitchen today preparing for our move and I came across my pizza stone. Its been used maybe 5 times but anyone who has one knows they look gross after you use them a few times. You are not suppose to clean them with soap or just heat them up in the oven so the stuff burns off then you can scrape it clean. I didn't feel right selling it...and I don't think Goodwill or Value Village would accept it as a donation so I listed it for free on Kijiji.

A Lady replied saying she would love to pick it up and that her family loves homemade pizza! She came to pick up the pizza stone tonight and in exchange she brought us a loaf of home made bread! It is orange and rosemary flavor and it is just delicious :) It put a huge smile on my face to have given away something to someone who appreciated it so much.  I just wanted to share this story of a true act of kindness...I was touched by her gesture.

Act Of Kindness

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