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ACERBIS. Revolutionary Furniture.

By Cobra76

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Revolutionary FurnitureAcerbis designs are visionary, boasting sideboard storage and wall shelves with fully integrated lightingthat's both functional and beautiful. These Italian designs are unique, artfully crafted pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations in any space.
   Blitz Cabinet $6,799.00 $9,755.001555bcf4ed0fcfa68acf1fa724637fb9 small4a2f6c2057410fe494589c87a9e06853 smallBlitz Cabinet
$6,799.00 $9,755.00
   Pond Coffee Table $2,999.00 $3,785.00B03ccf5822c26ad6273deb7eb4100349 smallA65bdc78c657f644d65b47d4aac805ba smallPond Coffee Table
$2,999.00 $3,785.00
 NC Case 324 (Manual Wall Case // Black) $6,799.00 $9,821.00NC Case 324 (Manual Wall Case // Black)
$6,799.00 $9,821.00
 Axlon Table $6,699.00 $8,602.00Axlon Table
$6,699.00 $8,602.00
 Max Table $6,399.00 $8,139.00Max Table
$6,399.00 $8,139.00
 Moritz Table $5,399.00 $6,832.00Moritz Table
$5,399.00 $6,832.00

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About the Designer

Lodovico AcerbisLodovico Acerbis was born in Albino (Bergamo) to a family of furniture makers, gained a degree in Business and Economics in Milan and is currently the president of the company that bears his name. He’s also an important member of the boards of several business and design associations.3e0a97acfac80e61242f69654271b9bf thumb

About the Designer

Gabriele & Oscar BurattiGabriele Buratti, architect and professor of interior architecture at the Faculty of Design of the ‘Politecnico’ University of Milan, and Oscar Buratti, architect, establish the BURATTI + BATTISTON ARCHITECTS firm.E1571d171a20cac8613293dc15d04db5 thumb

About the Designer

Marco AcerbisMarco Acerbis studied architecture in Milan before moving to London to begin his career. He collaborated on the construction of the Medical Research Building at the Imperial College in London and the 250 meter long Capital City Academy High School building before setting up his own practice in Italy in 2004. Acerbis is fascinated by designing at different scalesand developing new skills, ideas, tools and technologies for sustainable architecture. His skills cover a wide range of subjects from architecture to product design and now furniture design.

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