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ACE Stain Removal #aceforschool – @Britmums Challenge

By Newmummyblog @newmummyblog
Stain Removal #aceforschool @Britmums ChallengeACE stain removal #aceforschool – @Britmums challenge

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Ace and britmums have challenged some bloggers to find out how we're dealing with the back to school stains. Yup, all those white t-shirts are testing us to our limits! In my case, H has started preschool and although uniform is not mandatory she's loving wearing her white t-shirt and cardi. Me, on the other hand, well, it's a bit of a love hate relationship! I love that she gets dressed so easily, and we only have debate over which trousers and shoes she wears, but that white t-shirt is another thing. I really need to keep to separate colour and white wash now, as they're turning grey already. Not just that, the stains! On my gosh, the stains! I'm sure her 'normal' clothes don't get as stained, and we're only 1 month in!

So far we've had pasta, tomato soup and grass stains on her leggings. Why did I let her have tomato soup wearing that t-shirt. Seriously? Major mummy fail. I'll probably make that mistake again, given it's turning cold and we're eating so much more soup. She's also scooting or walking (aka running) to preschool and they have a fantastic outdoor area, so I'm sure we're picking up mud and grime from there too. Well that's exactly why I'm so happy we're part of this challenge as I've discovered that not only does ACE remove stains, and keep colours colourful and whites sparkling white.... it actually works. Actually removes tomato ketchup stains, removes tomato soup stains, removes bolognese stains, and yup, removes grass stains too.

Colours and Stain Remover Spray make life, with the never-ending laundry pile easy, by gently removing stains and keeping colours bright. Stain Remover Spray tackles grease and germs along with stubborn stains.

I usually use Fairy Liquid on stains like these and on poonamis. But, ACE does the job without me scrubbing at the sink. Awesome.

I've not been very good at finding time to use my Fairy scrub recently so these clothes had just been washed normally (in hope!), and put in a pile for dealing with the stain later. Just popping a cap of ACE in with the wash, or just a quick spray with the stain lifter spray, is much easier. I don't have time to be doing things the long way at the moment!

Here is some of our washing, some preschool t-shirts, bits and bobs stained from holiday which I popped in with some ACE...

As you can see most improved, with no sign of the offending stain. A few were still visible, and I spotted an extra stain on my white jeans too.

I then used the stain lifting spray and the stains were much less visible.

Stain Removal #aceforschool @Britmums Challenge ACE stain removal #aceforschool – @Britmums challenge

I absolutely agree ACE for colours has washed the washing brilliantly, removing stains the previous wash hadn't removed. And crucially fading that school t-shirt tomato soup stain brilliantly. The ACE Stain Remover Spray really has zapped those stains and they're absolutely totally and utterly completely gone, or barely noticeable. The washing all smells so clean, fresh and is super shiny bright white. No greys in sight here, just my hair... I really need to make a hairdressers appointment!!

I'm thrilled with these results from ACE. The photos really don't do these stains justice!

Anything which makes my life easier, less work (there's far to much of that!), and less time spent cleaning means more time playing with my girls. More time watching the girls grow, having fun with them and taking every advantage that comes with being a sahm/blogging mum before H starts reception next year. It also gets me a bit more me time and relaxation with hubby in the evenings. Awesome!

ACE for Colours and ACE Stain Remover Spray make life, with the never-ending school laundry pile easy, by gently removing stains and keeping colours bright. ACE Stain Remover Spray tackles grease and germs along with stubborn stains.

My new love of YouTube means I've turned this into a wee video....

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