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Accommodation Card Wording

Accommodation Card Wording
I thought since I did my last blog on different ways to handle your rsvp that I would be remiss not to mention another wordy card... Your accommodation card.
Title of Card
First off, the title of the card is ACCOMMODATION not ACCOMMODATIONS. Think of it as "we have made the following accommodation available for you..." I've seen it done both ways, but etiquette-wise, accommodation is the more proper title.
Hotel or Hotel(s)
The name or names of hotels that you have blocked for your guests should be indicated... Provide all the information that you can here: The name of the hotel, address, telephone number, web address, etc.
Name of hotel room block
Don't forget to provide your names or the special title that these rooms have been blocked under. It should be obvious that the rooms will be under the couple's last names, but sometimes couples have rooms blocked under "Smith Wedding" vs. Smith/Jones Wedding.
Special Codes
Don't forget to add special codes that should be mentioned. Typically the hotel or the planner that you are working with will have a code that can be utilized for an even more affordable rate.
Wedding Website
Sometimes there is a mouthful of information that needs to be included that doesn't really make sense on the card. You can direct guests to visit your wedding website for additional information.
Deadline to Book
Guests need to be able to make reservations in time for your event. Make sure to let them know the deadline for booking their room/room(s). Also, if your event is taking place during a holiday or a festival, don't be afraid to indicate that on the card. This is also nice for those that won't be booking at your hotel. If neighboring hotels will be filling early, they'll need to know.
Map/Directions (on opposite side)
Sometimes this card exists on its own, but there is no reason NOT to combine the accommodation card and direction card unless there is a special circumstance that won't allow for this. Just be sure to add in small type at the bottom left or right of your accommodation card an indicator (i.e. directions on reverse).
Enjoy planning your invites and take care til' next time! --ct

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