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Accessories for the Trendy Craftsperson

By Whollykao @whollyKao

I’ve noticed that there is a new generation of craftspeople on the rise, and they’re kinda badass. Two words describe this genre: hipster artist. They like craft coffee and brews. They appreciate a good haircut. Skinny jeans are definitely involved, and oftentimes, so are tattoos, body piercings, and thick retro glasses.

When it comes to tools and gear, these hipster craftspeople don’t mess around. They want both to be beautiful, simple, but totally functional. And they are willing to pay the price.

It’s kind of cool how workwear and tools have been kicked up a notch. Makes for a fun night of websurfing, looking for the perfect pair of protective glasses or apron. Since I’ve just set up my workbench at home, I’ve been eyeing a lot of these items too.

Here are my current fave picks for the hipster jeweler.


1. Jewler’s saw frame
2. Core Apron
3. Mini screwdriver
4. red toolchest
5. Protective glasses

Did I mention these make great gifts for your favorite craftsperson?

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